Five photography trends to watch in 2016

Five photography trends to watch in 2016

 We always like to voice our opinion on the future of our industry. In this article we look at the five photography trends that we can look forward to in 2016.

It could be a year of surprises as digital technologies utilise more effective ways of capturing photos from all sorts of angles. The use of different mediums to achieve the desired look is almost unlimited in modern photography, and can be captured in a stylistic way by almost anyone with a basic camera.

Here are our predictions for the trends to watch in 2016.


It’s back and we’re buzzing about it. Film has always been around but we predict this trend to come on strong in 2016. With digital apps trying to impersonate film style filters, it seems there is a demand for the real thing. So why not photograph with the real thing in the first place?

Film captures real life in an natural and authentic way. With its dreamy colours and tones, the more discerning eyes will begin recognising this medium as a preferred source for real photography.


From smartphones, to social media and apps, mobile technology is getting more powerful year by year. Smartphone cameras continue to get better and more advanced, with the potential for taking all sorts of pictures on the move anywhere in the world and having that photo online within seconds. We predict this trend is only going to continue to grow. The use of mobile photography brings together professionals and amateurs alike.

It bridges a gap that was once so distant, and with app filters such as Instagram it is easier to create stunning photos with little effort. Add to this the fact that the whole world is online on the move, mobile photography will be hot in 2016.


Black and white photography has been around since the art­form was created. Times have changed and mono photography is not only just used to represent a classic feel. We happen to think many things look good in black and white, and looking at social media channels we can see this trend growing.


With drones now more affordable there is a greater interest in this hobby. Add to this the ability to attach a camera to this light airborne toy and you have yourself a great piece of kit. You can capture some beautiful photos for a minimal amount of money and we see this as one of the hottest trends of 2016 within amateur photography.


We are a Bristol based British business and we can well appreciate that every nation relishes a good bit of patriotic photography. In 2016 we predict the trend of utilising a nations flag or iconic values is going to hit the mainstream.

All of these trends share the common thread of making viewers see not just the scene in front of them but feel the genuine emotions of expression. In an increasingly busy and often chaotic world, they make us take pause to admire beauty, simplicity, truth and better connection with enjoying the moment.

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