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There are no ‘once upon a times’ to be found here, this is Our Story. It Starts is a fresh, vibrant agency with its eyes firmly fixed on the future. This is the bit where you can find out more about us and decide if we’re your cup of tea.

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Who We Are

We’re two mates with a passion for design who came together to form one business. We’re unashamedly small, without the restrictions of a bigger agency. Neither of us have ever had an appraisal, that’s for sure. We don’t need one because the passion that we pour into every piece of work is plain for anyone to see. We are the new blood. The fearless, fresh and contemporary fringe of the Bristol creative scene. The self-proclaimed big boys whisper about us in their production meetings as they calculate billable hours. The rumour is that we’re approachable and even manage the odd joke. They say we’re two talented designers who are bursting with ideas. They’re right.

Who We Aren’t

We aren’t recyclers. Don’t get the wrong idea, we both have the right colour bins outside our houses on the appropriate day of the week. We just don’t recycle design. We don’t believe in being sector specialists either, we are design specialists. That means you won’t just get a re-skin of something that’s been done a dozen times before. Because we’re not very big, there aren’t legions of hangers-on for us to pay, so you won’t get screwed on price or find yourself under-serviced. We aren’t tight either. We’ll even buy you a coffee if you’re in the area.

Two Friends One Business

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