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Brightside Group

Brightside Group is a top 20 UK insurance broker for individuals and businesses, which basically means it helps lots of different people to insure lots of different things. The Group is made up of a several different brands, each with their own identity and buying functionality, from click and buy to offline purchase via UK call centres.

A hugely dynamic and complex company, Brightside needs to move with the times to stay ahead of competition without sacrificing the integrity of its individual brands. That’s where we came in.

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Our Approach


We set about rebranding a number of the Brightside brands to first ensure continuity. To do this we had to get to know the industry, the business and the service that it offered. This genuine and straight-forward method would help us to enhance the company’s image both internally and externally. As there are so many different products available, we took the time and effort to source and modify imagery that would make each different product feel unique at the same time as being part of a family. 

Increasingly Brightside wanted to utilise digital marketing channels. To support this we suggested a range of advertising materials, web applications and email campaigns, as well as a full social media presence.

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The Outcome


The conceptual approach to design that we provided ensured that Brightside is now a fully integrated family of brands with responsive websites and a bespoke CMS. The insurance market is so crowded, it’s easy to blend into the background. Brightside doesn’t. It’s visual identity raises eyebrows and stirs interest in its customers. In short, the Group is now viewed in a different light.

The eCommerce elements of the business required us to design simple, clear customer journeys, resulting in a 24% increase in the quote and buy process. We also contributed to the business’ success with the design of its corporate annual report document and a number of responses to tender.

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Responsive websites, emails, advertising, web apps, annual reports, tender documents and collateral.


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