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In the embroidery and printing business, Linela is something of an anomaly. For a start it’s based in the tranquil, leafy and down-right sleepy village of Olveston near Bristol, but services national demand on an impressive scale. Having grown for years, Linela has now sewn-up (sorry) relationships with a number of large organisations and schools, providing a service that has earned them an enviable reputation.

When we came along almost everything was in place. All Linela needed to do was to reflect its infections personality to the public. We dug out our special branding pants and got to work.

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Our Approach


We got inside the heads of the people who work at Linela (not literally, were not that clever) and discovered what a fun, bold and vibrant company it is. The next step was to communicate this personality through a website design and other materials.

Acknowledging and even taking advantage of Linela’s natural humour, we set about creating a website and wider brand that would be engaging and inspiring to potential customers in this highly competitive market. Differentiation. That’s the key.

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The Outcome


As you read this, Linela is sitting proudly in corporate individuality. Yes, such a thing exists. You just need the will to make it happen. The punchy and striking website is a welcome relief from its competitors, offering a stimulating hub for products and services.

The company’s sales have increased as a result and it is now able to offer schools and sports clubs their own individual stores online for use by pupils and members. Linela has made the transition to full ecommerce integration without losing its sense of fun.

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A CMS website with commerce abilities,­ branding, logo design, private shopper functionality.


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