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There’s more to cycling events than just the traditional road races and tours. Cyclocross is a new, fast-growing alternative, where lots of different disciplines are combined within a single event where the course contains obstacles, woodland, slopes and roads. To capitalise on this new-found popularity and eve add a slightly romantic twist, Lovecrossed was established to give couples the chance to swap rose petals for bike pedals on Valentine’s Day. The event offers a novel approach to the cycling event and in order to ensure success, it needed to make people aware of the whole idea and convince them to ditch the tried and tested meal for two.

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Our Approach


We’re not generally romantic types, but even we could see how Valentine’s Day would be best spent enjoying a good ride. Ahem, bike ride. Sorry.

We started by immersing ourselves in the cyclocross phenomenon to understand what other events were doing, before creating a brand that was strikingly different while also being recognisable. To do this we set out to create a one-stop information source for Lovecross.

In order to truly differentiate Lovecross, we used fresh, stand-out photography using colour manipulation to produce something more eye-catching. As cyclists rarely ride around with their laptops strapped to their handlebars, we also made the website responsive to all devices.

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The Outcome


We created a CMS editable website which could be easily updated with course details and race times, with a distinctive brand that can be used to promote the event for a number of years. The overall design was so iconic that Lovecrossed went on to commission a set of ten limited edition jerseys to be presented to race winners.

Nearly 82% of participants engaged with the website, and on the back of this success Lovecrossed has now integrated social media channels to provide and even greater reach.

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A responsive designed website that is editable via a bespoke CMS. Iconic jersey designs to be presented to winners.




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