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Panacea is a premium finance company that provides loans to customers who what to pay for their insurance in monthly instalments. They came to us looking a for an updated user journey and clearer customer experience. To comply with the latest regulations, we had to make sure that all the latest regulatory information was easily accessed, without compromising the aesthetic.

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Premium finance isn’t something most people want to think about too often, but when they do it needs to be quick, simple and easy. And from the finance provider’s point of view, it is imperative that all legal necessities are covered off. There’s no room for error, which is why we first worked closely with Panacea’s compliance team to fully understand what they needed, and what we could add in terms of UX.

Competitor analysis showed the scope we had to make Panacea stand out in the industry. And when we knew what a difference we’d be making to the business, we pushed even harder to devise a look and feel that worked for all parties in the best possible way.

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We produced a fully responsive, content managed website, including all the functionality that was required for customers to log in to their accounts online, make a payment or even terminate an agreement. Alongside this solution, we also produced complimentary branding for print materials, including a new business brochure.

This website not only showcased the new Panacea brand, it also worked with that of the company’s partner organisations.

The finished article was a highly usable, clean and simple website that enabled customers to manage their finances effectively, and Panacea to increase their retention rates. We think it looks great, don’t you?

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Responsive website, content management system, branding package, printed materials and user experience consultancy.


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