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Britain has become a nation of cyclists with superstars like Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome winning some of the biggest races in the world. Increasingly the public is taking cycling seriously as a sport and as a result the market is growing rapidly. Saddleback is an elite cycling distribution company which is poised to grow with this market, providing a UK base for prestigious cycling brands.

Over more than ten years, Saddleback has built an impressive client list, covering all the equipment you need to hit the road on two wheels. Despite being predominantly a distribution business, Saddleback also needs to promote itself as a brand and increase awareness of its service and the different products which are available.

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When Saddleback came to us with a new website project, we did exactly what you’d expect. We climbed aboard and prepared for one hell of a ride.

What breaks us away from the peloton is our dedication to research. After gaining a thorough understanding of the business and its objectives we were able to create a sophisticated website that was informative and acted as a showcase for the brands in the Saddleback portfolio.

We studied how best to use the product imagery to let the products sell themselves, while also focussing on the importance of usability so dealers could order in bulk, interact with stock, pay and get more in-depth account information.

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The finished article was as sleek and perfectly formed as a brand new Orbia BLi2 (that’s a bike).

We created a website that is fully responsive to different devices with interactive features, all built into a bespoke CMS system.

Oh no, this site isn’t just about pictures of bikes. It allows dealers to add items to their basket in six different intuitive ways, including; .csv uploads, multi-shop (a shopping list style search), Quick order (a Google style search bar) and other conventional ‘add-to-basket methods.

When we rode off into the sunset, Saddleback was left with a simple and clean website that’s a whole Tour de France ahead of the competition.

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A responsive designed website that is editable via a bespoke CMS. All coding was carried out by an independent contractor.


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