What Makes Thornbury Great

What Makes Thornbury Great

At ‘It Starts’ we are constantly striving to be different from a standard design agency. Our ethos has always been to work with and support local sustainable business in the South Gloucestershire and Bristol area. We like to think out of the box and tackle projects in a fun engaging practical way.

So when ‘The Thornbury Chamber of Commerce’ asked all members to give something for a late night raffle, ‘It Starts’ jumped at the opportunity to give something back to our local community. As a creative design agency offering services such as branding, digital design or print expertise it is hard for us to give a member of the public a physical item. So Mark and i put our thinking caps on and came up with a self initiated project around ‘What Makes Thornbury Great’.

So ‘What Makes Thornbury Great’?

It is hard to put your finger on just one thing that has made Thornbury such a great town. You could argue many factors that combine together to give this little South West town such great character and we felt it was our challenge to take all of this and roll it into one visual piece of design.

After initial planning for the project we took our four step process into play which is Identify what we need to do, Think of an idea, Create that design and Launch it into the public domain.

We begun our research by looking at the Thornbury crest and noticed that is was built around four important families within the local area. This gave us a brain wave… what if we used the crest shape but instead of focusing on the four families used in the crest we look to incorporate images of Thornbury. Capturing the buildings and surroundings that make Thornbury the town that it is in one large photo montage.

Fuelled by this great photo montage idea we walked the streets of Thornbury getting trigger happy photographing and capturing all sorts of buildings and objects before taking these to the computer and stitching these images together. A long and lengthy process.

The next stage was to add some great interesting facts about Thornbury and thanks to an article written by ‘Emma Sisk’, a reporter at the Thornbury Gazette we cleverly weaved the main words Thornbury and attributed each character a bespoke fact that all comes together to showcase ‘What Makes Thornbury Great’.

I think you will see from the images in this article the outcome is something truly marvellous.

Thornbury Poster

Thornbury Poster 1 Thornbury Poster 3Thornbury Poster 2

‘I Want One’

If you would like your own version of the poster please contact us at studio@it-starts.com. We love to create bespoke ideas like this poster and if you have something in mind we relish any challenge your can throw at us.