Social Media

Social Media

It’s no longer just for kids. People are actually making buying decisions and engaging with their favourite brands through social media. We can manage entire social media campaigns, execute glorious ads to get you noticed and target your customer database with email marketing.  If you don’t think you’re getting the most out of your reputation, give us a shout and we’ll give your social presence a boost.

What we can do with Social Media.

A social media campaign is about more than sending the odd tweet every now and again. To be a success you need to target your potential customers in their chosen digital environment with a mix of social advertising, your own accounts and updates. There are thousands of companies online, but we can help you stand out from the crowd.

Our social media expertise means that we can manage entire campaigns to a budget, integrating them with your other activity so that they stay on brand. We can even provide specially designed eShots to your customer database to further enhance your digital marketing strategy.

How this can help you?

This is a great way to expand your reach at a relatively low cost. You get to influence how people perceive your products and services at the same time as improving your reputation. Spending time on social media gives you the opportunity to listen to what your customers want from your products, and respond with a solution.

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Proof is in the pudding

Connecting is essential in any business. ‘One Insurance Solution‘ is a perfect example of how talking openly and easily to your customers can transform everything. ‘It Starts’ has socially enabled ‘One Insurance Solutions‘ to engage and enrich its products with the help of clever social media campaigns. See their case study here.

OIS Case Study

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